Club History



Coventry section of the Birmingham D.A was started in 1934 as it was approximately 25% of the Birmingham D.A and they wanted camping in the South and East of Birmingham. They set up a semi-permanent site at Hill Wooten in 1937which was moved to Banner Hill Farm in 1938. By 1940 the war had put a virtual stop to camping.
There was a little activity by a small group of people who kept the section going between 1945 -49.
1949 The first Youth leader was elected, was Mr Les Treen and was youth leader till 1952
1951 The section had gained strength; the idea of semi-permanent site was given up and the fixture list slowly grew
By now the Coventry section was so big that the Central Counties region suggested they form their own D.A. On 15th September 1954 it was proposed that the new District association be called Coventry DA.
1955 The Coventry D.A pennon was designed by Miss Drinkwater
And so began our long association with Central Counties Region
1956 Regional meet at Wooton Wawen
The DA hosted the Regional AGM at Meriden
1957 The fixture list contained some joint meets with other organisations
1959 The first DA Feast of Lanterns held at Princethorpe
1960 a new Chairman Jack Reid was elected, a staunch tent camper.
1961 Feast of lanterns at Thickthorn Manor, agreed fees were caravan 6/- (30p) car and tent 5/- (25p) the pennon was 3/6 (17P)
1963 A Vice Chairman was elected to committee, previously it had been just a Chairman and Secretary
1964 First Annual D.A Dinner dance held at Abbey Hotel Kenilworth
Regional meet held at Stoneleigh. Very wet meet.
1965 A cup was donated by Mr A Simmons for best decorated tent or caravan at Coventry D.A Feast of Lantern
1966 A Barbecue at Greatworth lead to our first barbecue pennon
1967 Saw the winter programme of rambles cancelled due to a serious outbreak of foot and mouth.
1968 First coach trip to Sweden for Coventry D.A members was arranged
1969 Campers Week meet was held on a national scale to try and introduce the Camping Club to new members.
1970 First D.A holiday meet at Castle Howard in Yorkshire.
National F.O. L held at Mallory Park. Coventry D.A helped with marking out, marshalling etc.
1971 Easter was spent at Goring on Thames. It was the Camping Club 70th Anniversary so the Coventry D.A held an anniversary meet at Wolfehamcote. The first Bonfire meet took place at Packington Park. Feast of Lanterns meet moved to Willoughby. Due to the church hall being double booked the AGM took place in ST Nicolas Church
1973 The first Christmas meet took place at Crick. A popular event for a number of years.
1974 Regional meet organized by Coventry D.A took place at Coundon Hall Park
1975 Coventry D.A holiday meets restarted a week at Lanstepen and one month at Aberporth.
1976 National Feast of Lanterns held at Stoneleigh. Coventry played a large part in the organizing it.
1977 Coventry D.A had two successful holiday meets. That took place at Aberporth and Morecambe lake The Regional AGM meet was held at Coventry. Two ladies joined Coventry D.A committee
1978 Coventry D.A had a strong fixture list with holiday meets the D.A celebrated its 25th Anniversary with a Barbeque meet
1984 Regional meet held at Thickthorn Manor at Kenilworth
1994 regional meet at Grandbourgh with the kind permission of the Clarke family
2004 saw the 50th Birthday meet held at Kineton High School. Fairground rides, fancy dress and firework display taking place over the weekend.


2009 saw the DA host yet another regional meet at Grandbourgh another well attended event.
2014 saw the DA hold a 60th birthday meet at Kineton Sports and Social Club which was attended by 100 units a great weekend was had by all with great entertainment and firework display.

2019 regional meet hosted by the DA at Southam Rugby Club over 100 units attended, a wet weekend but enjoyed by all.
2020-2021 limited meets due to Covid restrictions
To be continued: