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What you would need to do as a steward

Stewarding a Weekend Rally

It is enjoyable and rewarding and a way of meeting new friends

The main benefit of being the steward is all fees are paid for by DA

Main duties for the weekend stewards are: –

  • Put out CDA signs on roads leading to site and all legal signs are put up outside your unit before rally opens these will be provided, you may be allowed to go the night before to give you more time to prepare
  • Booking units in this means taking the fees and completing the attendance sheet and that has to be returned to the DA after the meet and you must check all the membership cards are valid as they must be members of The Camping and Caravan Club
  • Visitors are usually left to pitch up on own don’t usually need placing but try to make sure there is the required 6 metres distance between each unit
  • Host a coffee morning (weather permitting)
  • Some people like to have quite weekends other provide quizzes or Saturday afternoon activities e.g., games
  • If venue has a hall entertainment may have been arranged or as stewards you can just have it for a social.
  • Before rally you may need to contact land owner to introduce yourself and to check for padlock and codes to give access to field
  • During the weekend try to stay on field at all times and if you have to leave make sure someone is taking over from you
  • You don’t need to patrol the field however you are responsible for the safety and wellbeing of those on site.
  • There is nearly always a committee member onsite and if not, you will be given a contact number
  • At end of the rally take up all the signs that have been in place
  • Pay land owner, sometimes they will come to you other times you have to find them. Always remember to obtain a receipt and also a VAT receipt if they are registered.
  • All paperwork and receipts can be past to any committee member together with any excess money collected from the fees