1: GAMES: It is forbidden to fly kites or model aircraft, including Drones at events. The use of catapults, airguns, firearms, bows and arrows or similar equipment is also not permitted. Ball games and bubble generating toys/equipment/machines are acceptable only with permission of the Steward on an open space away from units.
2: Quiet: . Noise should be kept at a minimum from radios, televisions and other sources, such as generators, and there should be no noise whatsoever between 11pm and 7am.
3: Generators: . Campers may only use generators between the hours of 10am-3.00pm with the Steward’s permission. If a Steward considers the use of a generator to be causing a nuisance, then he or she may ask the camper to stop using the generator or leave the site.
4: Toilets: The contents of chemical toilets must not be disposed of on the event site except into the disposal point agreed with the landowner. This point will be clearly signed.
There must be a clear differentiation between drinking water taps and water supplied for cleansing chemical toilet cassettes. The two uses must never overlap. Chemical toilet cassettes must not be cleaned or charged at drinking water taps.
Grey Waste can be emptied into hedge bottom unless a waste disposal point is available.
5:Six metre rule: Excluding guy ropes, units must be at least six metres apart from adjacent units. This is a precaution against fire. Vehicles may be parked between units, provided that a three metre clear space is left within the six metre gap at all times.
6:Pets: Dogs and other pets must be kept under control at all times. No animal is allowed to be loose on the site, and must always be on a lead not more than two metres long, if outside a unit .Any fouling must be cleaned up and disposed of in a responsible manner.
7: Vehicle speed: This is a maximum of 5MPH on site.
8: Fees: No cheques accepted by the DA and refunds only given in exceptional circumstances.
9: Fires: It is a recommendation of the DA that a fire bucket is used by all units on site.
10: Pitches: No saving of pitches on THS sites, if you arrive together stewards will pitch you together if possible.

Although we don’t have many rules, they are put in place to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable stay with the DA